You have the opportunity to purchase temporary tattoos,original and custom
airbrush designs on T- Shirts,hats,canvas,wood and other items.
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Henna Tattoo
Mehndi is the art of
applying Henna to
the skin.

The lief of the Henna
plant is ground into a
powder and we mix it
with Eucalyptus oil,
lemon juice and sugar.

This stains the skin
brown for about 1-2
Jagua Tattoo
Jagua comes from an
eatable fruit that is
grown in rain forests.

We use all natural
material to mix the

After it stains the skin
a blue-black color,
it will last about 1-2
Souvenir Surfboards
Recently we have added small wooden surfboards. Our original designs can be painted with
airbrush or burned into the wood. Personal messages like names, logos and specific images can
be added to create a unique custom design for you.    
This site was designed to provide information about the products and services we offer.  
Airbrush art has been my passion for more than 30 years.
It is amazing how this tool blends paint and creates colors. I have painted on a
lot of different surfaces over the years.However, T-shirts remains my favorite.
We have changed our business model.
No longer will we be tied down to a permanent, brick
and  mortar location. Now we are doing pop-up locations.  

This will allow us to go to different areas and
experience the Aloha.
Please stay in touch as we continue our journey.
We will post the location and time of where we will be.

Follow the experience  on
Instagram @ panama69 and on
facebook: A Rainbow Studio  Keep spreading the Aloha

We will be at

Aloha stadium swap meet
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
9am -

For more details call Panama
*We won't be
at Aloha stadium on 4/29(sat)*